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3_4 HangingMannequin
Maternity Mannequin



Photo of all our Hanging Mannequin and Display Mannequin

This is a partial selection of the 1/2 hanging mannequins that we carry. They are available individually but are not priced as a package HANGING MANNEQUINS

Hanging  Display Mannequin/Forms 

These  new one-sided  display mannequins are some of our most popular items. This is the front half of the mannequin body with a hook to hang from a rod or flat against a wall or door. Many retailers dress them and put them on the end of a straight rack to feature and highlight the fashions on that particular rack, a more attractive neater alternative to having the garments displayed on a hanger.

 These mannequin alternative are made from a Tough polymer;  This item is EASY TO CLEAN, EASY TO DRESS, and CONVENIENT TO STORE!  The plastic on these injection molded  display mannequins is much thicker than the plastic that is typically used for vacuum formed display mannequins.  It is 1/8" thick. A very modern look for Lingerie, Swimwear, or Whatever!  No Sharp edges to snag your delicates!    Show off your fashions at their best and earn more money. 


We carry this item in several different sizes and styles of mannequin alternative and display mannequin . 

FHR17/cf  Plus Size Female Mannequin or mannequin alternativePT-006 Hanging Female  Display Mannequin or mannequin alternativeChild-4yr Hanging Mannequin (CHR4/w) or mannequin alternativeHanging Torso & Hip  Display Mannequins (LHR32-35/w)

3/4 Hanging Female Display Mannequin   Plus Size Hanging Female Mannequin Alternative (LOMF-16) Plus Size Hanging Female  Display Mannequin  (LOMF-16)

  Infant/Toddler Hanging Display Mannequin



   LOMF-10 Hanging Display Mannequin

Please don't forget, we stock a full selection of  display mannequin, QuickTrims, and mannequin alternative in the most frequently used sizes as well as the the not so common shapes and sizes, Including maternity, plus size, queen size and  children's size display mannequin and mannequin alternative.  (Both Male and Female) If you are looking for a mannequin  with a little more classic look, we also carry a selection of full-round fabric covered mannequin forms in a variety of sizes, (plus and petite)  both male and female as well as hard shell female display mannequin. And of course we stock both male and female full  life-like mannequin.

Slot-Wall 3/4 Female Mannequin (front) Rear View 3/4 Slot wall display mannequin or mannequin alternative

 3/4 Female Slot-Wall Mannequin

This is a special gal for that  discriminating collector or visual merchandiser with a keen eye. What an action pose!  She has a 30-22.5-34 figure. Her total height is 37" and total width is 23".

This is a very versatile display mannequin that can be  used in a wide variety of Displays. She hangs flat on a wall by means of the enclosed cable.( Don't ask me what the alligator clip is for, as I am not quite sure!)  If You don't need a display mannequin or mannequin alternative, What  a decoration in your home or office!  I currently have a front view and a separate rear-view pose available 

She would be well suited for lingerie, swimwear or even sports wear.

This is an all fiberglass mannequin  She has both  a front and back ( the back is flat) unlike the plastic forms so often seen.


These are two separate units, A front view mannequin and a matching rear view mannequin. either one would be great to display sportswear on a wall or just use them for a decorative accent! They are sold separately.

We get in a wide variety of mannequin alternative and display  mannequins when we buy out stores and  frequently have a very large assortment of mannequins, forms and alternatives as well as props and display items. Many of these items do not appear on our web site. If you are looking for something in particular for that special space feel free to call  or e-mail us, if we don't have it we may know where to get it.


Male Mannequin  Female Display Mannequin  Female Mannequin Alternative  Male Mannequin Altenative
(Click on above pictures to view other categories of display mannequin or mannequin alternative)

Clear Ladies Swimsuit Hanger White swimsuit hanger mannequin

Available in clear or white

 3/4 Swimsuit Mannequin 

We are always on the lookout for unique and stylish mannequins that can be used in a variety of ways to feature and highlight your fashions.

This item is commonly used to display and sell swimwear.  It does a very effective job of displaying the garment without distraction. This mannequin can be easily used in the more conventional manner hanging from a wall or in a window display.  But because of it's very narrow profile it could easily display your fashions on the end of a rack. I have seen them used instead of coat hangars on the rack, It certainly makes for a better presentation.

She would be well suited for lingerie, swimwear or even sports wear.

Clear Ladies Swimsuit Hanger Clear Ladies Swimsuit Hanger  Clear Ladies Swimsuit Hanger Clear Ladies Swimsuit Hanger

This unit is 26" tall and 16.25" wide at the shoulders.
Her figure, if you can it that, is 29-22-30.


Pricing Options   SIZING

We have a life-like mannequin, display mannequin, mannequin alternative for almost any need or requirement and if we don't and can't find one to meet your needs Our skilled artisans in our studio  can modify any mannequin in or inventory to get the job done. E-Mail us with your specific requirements.




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